My story

2015-01-29_0001Well what can I say?  To be honest, I never like writing about myself, but i’m going to give it a good try!

I am first off a believer in Jesus Christ.  He has been a huge part of my life and I would not be where I am today without Him.  I am a wife to a wonderful husband whom I’ve been married to since 2004.  It’s been the best years of my life!! I am also mommy to four beautiful girls..born all within 6 years.  Yes all girls.  I get the look of “what have you gotten yourself into,” when I tell people that.  Yes there is drama, lots of princess stuff, fingernail polish messes, dress up, BUT there are also lots of hugs, kisses, giggles, and a whole lot of girly fun!

 I am an RN, but have “semi-retired” to be able to stay home with my girls more and photography has allowed me to do it.  Maybe someday I will be able to go back, after all my first passion was caring for people when they are sick and sometimes at their lowest.

I love sunsets, chocolate, ICE CREAM, the beach, I am sometimes a bit sentimental, I believe that being kind, honest and trust worthy are very important traits in a person and I LOVE to laugh.  Laughing always makes everything better.  🙂 In fact give a big hearty laugh..yes right now.  There, you feel even better than you did before, don’t you!?

I’d like to say that photography has always been a passion for me…and although I’ve always been interested in photography, I really didn’t start my big photography venture until after my second daughter was born in 2009.   I think a lot of our stories start like that.  I don’t think the camera has been farther than an arms reach away since then…gotta catch those snap shots of life!!  We love looking back through our photo books, and remembering silly stories and memories we had forgotten, all over again!

It’s funny since I’ve picked up my camera, I see the light differently, and I feel i’m able to see beauty in things that maybe I wouldn’t have in years past…is that corny?  lol, Maybe it is, but it’s the truth!! Amazing what a little light can do to turn a dingy old building into some exotic place far away.  Speaking of light,  I love evening light the best.  I love shooting with the sun behind my kids and I love how the sun gently plays on their hair.  It makes my heart swoon.  It’s something I can see when I close my eyes and think of summer.

I adore natural light, but I do use studio lights in my studio.  I feel that as a photographer it’s good to be well rounded and know how to use what light is available to you, real or artificial 🙂  I am mostly self taught.  I have taught myself how to shoot in Manual and how to work Photoshop.  I have occasionally taken classes or workshops to increase my knowledge, as I feel it’s important to continue to grow in your craft.  I yearn to get better with every snap of my camera!

  My favorite ways to capture my clients are my clients  just being themselves.   Yes I like to capture the images where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, but my most favorite is capturing families and children doing what they do best.  Loving on each other, playing, and enjoying each other..because that is REAL.  Real is always better.  Oh and  I also love the details..little piggies, hair blowing in the breeze and such.  How can you not like baby piggies?!

Bring anything you’d like to your session, and i’m willing to work with any ideas.  The session is about you, of course!  We can plan that all out in our consultation prior to the session.  That get to the session and can just relax and have fun..because we’ve already planned it out! Easy Peasy right? Right.

Well, now you’ve gotten the chance to ‘get to know me,’ so let me get the chance to get to know you!  Tell me about your family, your hopes and dreams…ok well maybe you don’t have to go that far, but I would LOVE to hear about your family  and at least what kind of session you hope and dream of 🙂

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Photo credit goes to my friend Stephanie from Stephanie’s Creations Photography.  Isn’t she awesome?