Apple orchard fun!

Today (almost tomorrow considering i’m writing this at 1149 I met this fun family at a local apple orchard.  There were six adults and four kids and we rocked this session out in like 35 min!! lol…and I got a ton of great pictures too!! I think that is a record.  The kids did awesome…well I guess the adults did too.  hehe.  I love photographing at the apple orchard..its got great lines and ya know how much I love leading  It’s pretty there.  Ok..on to the pictures! large family at apple hill orchard of the entire family.  🙂 I actually didn’t have to take a million to get everyone looking ok!   lol…I usually do with larger families!  Little Reece was looking at her mama’s necklace but I kinda like it that way. 🙂 I did get some with her looking as no worries there! family sitting at apple hill orchard in mansfield, ohioNow a couple of the families…Reece gave that look to me a lot…she was starting to give me a  Until her mama said she gives that look a lot.  whew! little girl sitting getting picture taken at apple hill orchardShe was very interested in the grass and such around her.  I thought this was a cute shot. 🙂 In my opinion, sometimes the best shots are ones that they aren’t looking at the camera.  I took Reece’s newborn photos and now she is almost one! She was my daughter’s twin when they were little.  It was kinda crazy how much they looked alike when they were littler.   little boy lookging up through an apple treeI LOVE how this one turned out!!  Perfect lighting and ornery little boy smile…love it! 🙂 Love this little guy anyways..he has always been fun to photograph!

brother and sister at apple hill orchardCollin is always so sweet with his least when I have seen them.  lol. 🙂 He always gives her hugs when I ask him too..what a good big brother.  She is a lucky little girl!   family walking at apple hill orchard

You can tell they loved to laugh together.  Which I love when I take for much more natural smiles!  🙂 (sorry if I do too many … and 🙂 and !! when I type.  I am realizing I do them a lot.  I don’t even realize it sometimes.  I guess it’s when you say the work “like” a lot when you  oh well!  girl standing up against tree at apple hill orchard

I seriously love this picture!! I cute can she get?!  I love how her little toes are turned inward in her hot pink shoes.  Darling little girl with a darling little pose.  🙂third grade boy at apple hill orchardMr. A.J. was giving some of his best smiles..but you could tell he was trying to hard to smile good..soooo I had to act like an idiot to get everyone laughing which in turn made him laugh and gave me his oh so cute natural smile! lol.  It made me smile as well. 🙂 brother and sister at apple hill orchard

Of course I had to get a sibling shot of them too! How could I not! 🙂 These sibling shots where soooo much easier than with my kids!! lol.  My kids exhaust me trying to get one of them all together.  I usually can get some good ones eventually but not on the first shot!

Cousins laughing at apple hill orchardAnd last but not of the cousins all together!  I wish I could share more, but it is now almost 1240 and I really should get to bed considering my one year old will probably wake me up in a few hours..yes I said my one year old..she still does not sleep through the night!! And if she happens to sleep through the night (which does happen occasinally) she will be up at 6:00 am..not sure which is worse.  lol.  Either way, I’m going to be a tired mama in the morning! Good night! Hope you liked the sneak peak guys!

Oh and just an FYI…I swear I center all my paragraphs and such and I even go back and do it again, but it still shows my paragraphs hanging out on the left..(I really am not that sloppy) …I am a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that and it’s driving me insane, so if anybody knows how to get it to stop, please let me know before I go bananas! lol.

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