Beautiful newborn photography

Gorgeous family right? Yes! I answered for you. 🙂 They are a super sweet family as well that will always hold a special place in my heart! I count myself very lucky to have been able to photograph both of their sweet girls’ births AND newborn photos!  I don’t photograph many births, so to get to photograph both of their children’s births is a blessing to me!  Maybe i’m too sentimental, but you can’t say that my heart isn’t in my work!

Beautiful newborn photographyBeautiful newborn photography 1

Miss Eliana is a super sweet laid back baby.  She did great for photos.  Mom is hoping that the laid back baby stays, as big sister is a bit more opinionated in life.  I know many of us can understand raising a strong willed child.  I know I can!

Beautiful newborn photography2

Is she not the sweetest thing? Big sister was a little early and a teeny little thing (around 5 lbs) , so Elaina looked huge to mom and dad as a 7 pounder! She is definitely perfect, that is for sure.

Beautiful newborn photography 6

I’ve been adding that shot in at the top right lately.  Loving that angle for some reason.  Good way to capture some arm rolls and sweet little profile.

Beautiful newborn photography 7

Of course, I couldn’t leave out the little bits and pieces! They are seriously some of my favorite to capture. These sweet babies don’t stay little long and this is one way to keep those sweet memories.  You blink and they are driving a car!! Why does it have to go so fast!

Beautiful newborn photography 8

She was pretty smiley and I was fortunate enough to capture a couple of them!  I love baby smiles, and I love it even more when I can capture them on camera!

Beautiful newborn photography 9Beautiful newborn photography 10

See! Seriously the best smile.  I love the big gummy smiles.  Especially when it looks like they are giving a big belly laugh!

Beautiful newborn photography 11

I typically can put these images together in photoshop in just about 5 min or so. This one took me 45 min.  I was determined to make it work!  I’ve never been a quitter, and i’m not going to start now!  These photos are done in post processing, meaning, that the baby isn’t holding herself up all by herself.  It’s a composite shot, so baby is kept safe.  I take a few different photos with either me or parent holding her in different places, then I take those images and stitch them all together.  LOVE photoshop and all the magic it can do!

V 13Beautiful newborn photography 14Beautiful newborn photography 15

Loved this set up. I’m a bit in love with using flowers for sessions. 🙂

Beautiful newborn photography 3

Look at those two sweet babies! This was definitely a challenge, but I am not one to back down to challenges!  With a little prayer and a little holding my breath…haha…we made it work and got some great shots for mom and dad!

Beautiful newborn photography Beautiful newborn photography 5

Will be making an album soon for this session.  They are seriously gorgeous and I love them! Great way to keep your photos!

If you are interested in a session, don’t delay! I book newborn sessions as soon as you know your due date, because I like to be ready!  Shoot me a message if interested!

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