What a wonderful pleasure it was to work with this family!!  So sweet, and Miss Piper was so fun to photograph!  It had rained just a little bit earlier before the session, so it was a tad wet.  We made it work and it turned out to be a fabulous session.  Definitely one of my most recent favorites!

Family photo session bucyrus ohioFamily photo session bucyrus ohio 1Family photo session bucyrus ohio 18 month session

Little ones always give the best serious faces.  It is like, they just know how to use their eyes to speak, without saying an actual word!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio with daddyFamily photo session bucyrus ohio 2Family photo session bucyrus ohio 4Family photo session bucyrus ohio 5

Oh how I love this image.  I love how mommy and daddy are in the background and baby girl has the biggest, cutest, smile on her face!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 6Family photo session bucyrus ohio 7

She was picking off grass of her feet!  That is what you get when you play in grass that was recently mowed, and then rained on!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 8

I have a bit of a soft spot for mommy and me photos.  How many times are mommies behind the camera and not in the photo with their babies?

! This set turned out beautifully and I’m so glad we were able to capture these!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 9Family photo session bucyrus ohio 10

Sometimes after the rain, the light can be absolutely perfect.  This was definitely one of those times.  The light was soft and was pretty perfect here.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better evening!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 11Family photo session bucyrus ohio 12

Of course, we couldn’t leave daddy out of the photos!  Dad’s are the fun ones, so it was just perfect we go photos of them doing just that!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 13

These are two of my favorite mommy and piper and daddy and piper photos.  The light was perfect here, and what kid doesn’t like a ride on the top of daddy’s shoulders!

Family photo session bucyrus ohio 14Family photo session bucyrus ohio 15Family photo session bucyrus ohio 16Family photo session bucyrus ohio silhouette

Perfect way to end a session.  With a gorgeous silhouette shot! Love doing these!

There is still time to book a family session!  Don’t miss out on getting photos of your beautiful family to treasure for a lifetime!

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Second time I’ve seen this family for a newborn session!  Aren’t they adorable!? Big brother Fletcher did so awesome as well!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer

Seriously..look how sweet he was with baby brother! Look at that top left photo..I love little man’s face! I couldn’t stop laughing at it while editing!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 2North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 3

He was such a sweet baby to work with.  So very easy going and wonderful to photograph!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 4

He’s got an awesome head of hair too!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 5North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 6

This little fox hat is one of my most requested hats.  I made it myself!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 7

He did a fab job at the froggy position!

North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 8North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 9North central Ohio Newborn Photographer 10

This little chair makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time.  Love the hand in the pocket.

Ezra rocked his session and I loved every moment of it!

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So this sweet little one, may be almost 5 months old, but that is ok right? Because who wouldn’t want to look at sweet baby photos from time to time…besides, better late than never! This is little Maya.

Funny story.  I photographed two babies, that were only due a couple days apart, from the same town, and they both were named Maya.  I don’t think that will ever happen again.  I always thought there were a lot of similarities, but when I heard the babies name, I had to giggle.  Maya is a beautiful name and it fit both of the girls perfectly.  Now, it will be an even crazier story, if one day they grow up and become best friends.  Talk about awesome! Never know! It could happen!

Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer - family photosIt was such a pleasure working with this family.  I photographed baby Maya while in her mama’s belly as well, which was during the winter months, so we got a little bit of snow for those photos.  Winter maternity photos are some of my favorites, because the colors are so mute and perfect.  Throw in a little snow and a beautiful mommy to be, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer - family photo2Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer 2


Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer

Mama brought the little bunny outfit and it turned out adorable.

Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer 4

Pretty in purple!  I made the outfit.  I can say i’m pretty proud of myself there.  Only took me about 3 years to figure out how to knit.  I was bound and determined to make it work one way or the other.  One could say that I’m a bit stubborn, and i’m definitely not a quitter.  I’m serious about the three years thing, by the way.  It really did take me that long, although it was off and on.

Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer 5

Maya the princess and then all squished up in the taco pose.

Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer 6Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer 6Marysville Ohio Newborn Photographer -newborn girl with flowers

I just love incorporating flowers into a session. It’s fun to come up with something new each time.  Loved working with this sweet little one.

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Sweet family! I have photographed all three of these sweet girls as newborns.  Three babies 2.5 and under, and they did so good for their photos!  They traveled all the way up from southern Ohio, for this last sweet girl.  They had to go and move on me before Miss Saige came. ha. .We miss them so much!….but i’m so thankful that they are close enough to see again!

Newborn photography - newborn girlNewborn photography - newborn girl 2

The giraffe was their big sisters.  Eden is now watching over them in Jesus’ arms.  I love that we’ve been able to capture the giraffe with each sibling’s photos.  So special and so perfect.  This family also has my heart because we have a common bond…we both have four girls. 🙂

Newborn photography - newborn girl 3

Saige was a pretty smiley girl for her photos.  I loved it!  Sometimes it is hard to catch smiles, but she gave ma lots and lots of chances and I caught quite a few of them!

Newborn photography - newborn girl 4Newborn photography - newborn girl 6

Oh I just love this pose.  Looks so peaceful.  Truth is, makes me wanna lay down and snuggle with them too.  🙂

Newborn photography - newborn girl 7

Sleep was overrated at this point. So we grabbed some awake shots. Always fun to get some wide eyed photos!

Newborn photography - newborn girl 7

We did get her to go back to sleep for this cute little set up.  A little pumped milk did the trick.  This kid is pretty talented as well.  She was actually holding the bottle with her feet.  True story.  I took a photo, because it made me laugh.

Newborn photography - newborn girl 8

I guess she thought it was funny too because she gave me another smile. 🙂

Newborn photography - newborn girl 9

Pretty sure she is telling me to bug off here in this photo. She’s giving me the eye.  She actually did pretty fabulous in this set up.  It is sometimes hard to photograph them awake in props, but Saige, says..not for me! I would agree that she is pretty fabulous. 🙂

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I adore this family just so much! There are only a few families that I have photographed every single one of their babies as newborns and through their first year.  This family is one of them.  Meet little Eliana!  She is the third and so stinking adorable!  Eliana was a bit tired during this session and wasn’t too thrilled about the indoor part, but we still got some wonderful photos of her! She has a great little personality and I was so happy to capture her sweet personality!

This little set reminds me of a newborn set I did with her. She gave me so many awesome little faces!

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 1

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 1

Her siblings all had a bear given by their grandma and we got photos with each session, with the bear!   It is so much fun! I LOVE how she was hugging the bear.  How sweet is that?

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 2Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 1 3

This background is fabulous in photos! So pretty and so spring/summery! Backdrop is from my favorite supplier Intuition backgrounds.  The owner, Becky is fabulous as well!

Columbus-Ohio Children's-photographer (5)Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 4Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 15

After we headed outside, Eliana was very happy!  I don’t blame her, because being outdoors always makes me happy too!

Columbus-Ohio Children's-photographer (8)

She makes me laugh.  Always sticking her little tongue out!

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 17

She was just starting to walk and kept trying and trying, but didn’t get to far.  Definitely determined! She kept standing herself up and giving it a go! I don’t think it took long after the session for her to take off though!

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 18Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 18

If that isn’t an ornery little grin, I don’t know what is! lol

Columbus Ohio Children's photographer 19

I adore working with one year olds.  They are seriously super fun.  I love working with this age, because they don’t think too much about the photos.  They just play and have fun and don’t typically give big cheesy grins when the camera is pointed in their direction.  They just play, have fun and enjoy themselves and it is so much easier to capture the real them!

Miss Eliana has been no exception.  Had so much fun at her session.  Looking forward to seeing them again this fall for family photos!!

If you are interested in a one year old session, or any other session for that matter, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We can chat and set up a customized session just for you!

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