Big brothers got a little sister! Biggest brother was pretty happy about it at the session.  Little brother was less than enthused at the session.  Thank goodness for photoshop helping us make it work!  Funny thing is, mama sent me a photo later of him loving on baby sister.  I guess he was just a little shy of letting it show how much he loved her. 🙂  Really they are some sweet kids and I was so happy to meet them!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer - sibling photo

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer - brothers

Loved this one in black and white.  We had some good daddy tickles going on there to help.  Love how little sister was awake on this one!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer

I really do love capturing newborns awake.  They can sometimes give some of the best faces, and sometimes I even get some pretty good smiles believe it or not!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 1Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 2Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 3

I think that the photo on the right is becoming one of my most favorite poses.  So sweet!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 4

My traditional baby on white! So timeless.

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 4Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 6

Mama liked a lot of neutrals and mute tones.  I’m thinking that it was a good choice, because sweet baby girl looked so beautiful.  She did the little froggy pose perfectly!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 8

Love this backdrop!  Felt so springy! I love spring babies!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 8

This is one of my most favorite images i’ve taken.  Something so perfect about it.  The colors all worked so seamlessly together.

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 9

I had a bit of obsession over it in black and white too.

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer - macro photographs

Of course, can’t forget the baby macro shots! Capturing their smallness is exactly what I want.  They don’t stay this little for long!

Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 11Newborn photos - Bucyrus Ohio Photographer 12

And last but not least…baby in a little crate, because it’s cute! She was pretty comfy in it 🙂

Pregnant? Interested in a newborn session? The best time to contact me for a session? Sooner rather than later! I’d love to plan out a session to customize it to your needs and wants!  Lets meet and you can come see the studio, pick out props and your favorite little outfits! Contact me through the tab above, or through!

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Such a blessing to be a part of growing families, like this sweet family!  So thankful to get to photograph sweet Kade a couple months ago!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio

I’ve had such sweet siblings lately!  Seriously, how sweet are these boys?!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio13Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 12

Loved this photo with just the three of them! So perfect.

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 11

My normal baby on white!  I love babies on white. So simple and timeless!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 10

Look at those cheeks!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 9

So I was snapping away and big brothers were so sweetly sitting on the couch together watching a show on mom’s phone.  I had to snap a shot of this for mama, because she says it doesn’t happen often!  Guess they were having a good day because they were sweet as can be this day!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 8

These are some of my favs! Love little baby fingers and toes!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 7Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 6

Look at that sweet baby smile!  I just wanna squeeze him!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 5Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 4

Sweet little fox! I love it!!

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 2

My little animal hats are some of my most requested hats to use.  They are some of my favorites too. 🙂

Newborn Photography Bucyrus Ohio 1

Ok, so this chair makes me giggle every time I use it.  lol.  I don’t know why it’s so funny.  I guess it’s just the whole little baby in a chair, hanging out like he’s sitting in front of the TV.  Love it though!

Interested in a session, lets chat!!

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Hello! Have you missed me!? I sure have missed sharing on my blog…my photos and my thoughts! Been awhile, once again. It’s hard running a business all by yourself along side being a wife and mother.  If it seems like i’ve got my crap together 100% of the time, I promise you, it’s only together about 40% of the time. Just being real.

Since i’m back to blogging some sessions, i’d like to share one of this sweet girl!

Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (1)Big sister was so sweet with her! I adored all these sweet sister photos! My hope is that they will cherish them one day as well!

Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (2)

Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (3)

Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (4)

Such a sweet family! Loved meeting them for the first time!

Ohio Newborn photographer 12

This is one of my favorite pinks to use with baby girls.  It’s so perfect with their skin tones!

Ohio Newborn photographer 13

I love baby feet, hands, and their little lips!  Not sure why, but I do!

Ohio Newborn photographer 14I’m a little obsessed with this purple too.  Headband made by know in all my spare time.  I was feeling a little crafty that day and made a ton of headbands.  She was a prefect little model for it too!

Ohio Newborn photographer15

She did the taco pose so well and she was such a great baby to photograph!

Ohio Newborn photographer 16

These little hats and loveys are some of my favorite and most requested props.  She makes a darling little bunny too!

Ohio Newborn photographer 17

It’s fun creating new sets!   I love taking things I already have, coming up with something new by using them differently.  Some of my favorite props are flowers.  So simple and perfectly sweet!

Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (11)

Another one of my favorite colors! She rocked it as well.  Look at that little dimple in the bottom left photo! I die! She is so cute!  Hard to believe this sweet baby is almost 3 months! You blink and they are grown! I’m sure she is just as sweet now as she was here!

Love newborn sessions!  If you have a baby on the way, do not hesitate to contact me, to chat! No obligation if you’d like to come visit the studio!  Better sooner than later to make sure you get a spot!

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Two years old!  I remember when this little munchkin was born and it’s so crazy to think she is two now!  These were obviously taken in the fall, so she’s already a few months past two! The last time I had seen her, her hair was shorter and not curly like it is now.  I love it!  Isn’t she adorable?! And let me tell you..she is absolutely a joy to photograph! She kept me laughing for sure! We had a beautiful day for photos.  This past fall was a photographers dream.  The weather was warmer for long and not much rain.  The leaves on the trees dropped later and November was even a great month for photos.  Oh if every fall could be like that! 🙂

bucyrus ohio children's photographerbucyrus ohio children's photographer 1

Mama always puts her in the cutest of clothes.  She was styling for her session.  Love layers.  Creates so much more depth in the photo..and not to mention children to adults look fabulous in them! So remember..layers are good! I whipped out my favorite white chair and got some smiles, some serious and a little in between.  Then we had to make sure we got mom in the photo too!  Mom’s aren’t in photos enough.  We tend to be behind the camera more than in front of it.  Remember kids want you in their photos!

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 2bucyrus ohio children's photographer 3

She is such a pretty little thing and so very photogenic! She did great for me!

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 4

This little spot was perfect at this time of the day.  The light was gorgeous and the tones were amazing.  These spots aren’t always good every time of the year/every time of the day.  I got in there at the perfect time of the day!

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 6bucyrus ohio children's photographer 7

She was posing for me. lol.  Isn’t she the cutest thing!?

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 8

I love the serious faces just as much as the smiles.  Something so timeless about these types of photos.

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 9bucyrus ohio children's photographer 10

She is full of personality!

bucyrus ohio children's photographer 11bucyrus ohio children's photographer 12

We did head back to the studio for a few as well.   She wasn’t so interested in those, haha, but we did get some adorable ones..even if it were just a few.

Love taking photos of children this age.  They are so much fun.  They give you so many real expressions, and nothing is faked.  I just love the real! If you are looking for someone to capture your children’s personalities, I’d love to chat with you! Contact me through the contact tab/book a session tab above! 🙂

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This cute little guy!  Little December baby.  Well photographs in December…born in November. He was a bit early and had a little NICU stay. He did fabulous and came to see me a few weeks later! Look at those little back rolls!

ohio newborn photographer

All my babies that come visit me, get some photos with white background.  Something so simple and perfect with newborns on white!

ohio newborn photographer  1ohio newborn photographer  2ohio newborn photographer  3

Just relaxing.  🙂 He did so well in his session!  Look how cute he is?!

ohio newborn photographer  4

Love getting awake shots.  Doesn’t always happen, but it’s perfect when it does!  Look at those sweet little blue eyes!

ohio newborn photographer  5

I loved how this Christmas setup turned out!  I love Christmas sessions..but I am glad that we are getting into spring.  Winter can hitch a ride outta here! I’m ready to get back into outdoor sessions! Need to get my creative juices flowing!

ohio newborn photographer  6

Love me some neutrals too! A lot of photographers have favorites with lots of color, or lots of neutrals…but I tend to love a little bit of both!  I just can’t pick. 🙂

ohio newborn photographer  7

And last but not least..little guy sitting in a chair.  This chair makes me giggle.  It’s the whole thing with a baby all kicked back chilling in a chair.  Just needs a TV and a snack.  ha.

Sweet little guy had a great session! Always looking forward to photographing the little newbies!  How else am I going to get my baby fix?! 🙂

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