I’ve shared a lot of newborns lately, but today is all about the six month olds!  Seriously love photographing six months olds.  Claire is one of my baby planners, which means I saw her for her newborn photos, six month and I will get to do her 1 year photos as well!  I’m always so excited to get baby planners.  I love watching them grow.  Claire is no exception!

six month photography session

We grabbed a few family photographs first, and even though it wasn’t exactly planned to get a few of big sister by herself, we did anyway!  She was dressed all pretty, and I felt wrong not to capture a snap shot of the moment!  Pretty girls 🙂

six month photography session 2six month photography session 3

Claire was a little unsure of this whole photo session thing, but eventually warmed up and gave me more smiles.  She thought the strawberries were pretty fabulous and even got a little taste in!  This adorable little strawberry outfit was made from Cora and Violet.  I adore Bailey’s (the owner) designs!  This strawberry design was perfect for this sweet little summer baby.

six month photography session 4six month photography session 6

ahhh, look at those eyes!! This one just draws me in!

six month photography session 7

Ok, so I will admit, this photo makes me hungry for strawberries.   They sound so yummy.  I totally just ate a bowl of raw broccoli, a bowl of cereal and then a scoop of nutella.  haha.  (i’m writing this in the evening…although it will post in the morning..gross…broccoli for breakfast sounds yucky.  Although, broccoli, cereal and nutella isn’t much better I suppose! ) I never ate dinner and wasn’t sure of what I wanted.  I guess it could have been worse!

six month photography session 8

Now, here is where she’s like…well this photography thing isn’t too bad, maybe I will smile and laugh at mommy.  I think that above photo is one of my favorites.  Her smile is contagious.

six month photography session 9six month photography session 10

My absolute favorite set up definitely was this one though.  I loved the textures of the grass and queen ann’s lace.  Why on earth weeds are some of the prettiest “flowers,” beats me.  I love queen ann’s lace.  I love a little ragweed too, but boy oh boy, that ragweed sure doesn’t like me! achoooo.

six month photography session 11six month photography session 12

She is so beautiful.  Love shooting through the grass here.  Outfit is again from Cora & Violet.  In fact, all of them are except the last one in this group and the family image one.  To say I have a bit of an obsession is an understatement.  If I could buy her whole lot every time she comes out with new items I would, but then I’d be more than broke. lol, but hey…my baby clients would look cute!

haha…look at that stink face below.  I love capturing those, just as much as the smiles!

six month photography session 13six month photography session 14

Last adorable outfit here, is by Mia Joy, another fav! Please don’t wait to book those milestone sessions!  Go ahead and shoot me a message! 🙂 I’d love to meet you!

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Little guy Huxley! Mom works as a nurse at my old stomping grounds, although we never worked together.  She started after I left.  I hate saying I quit, because i’m totally not a quitter.  Just taking a little pause from that part of my life so I can be home with my kids! Hats off to the moms that can work a full time job outside of the home with several kids to help care for!   Being the person that runs the kids around everywhere, I don’t know how I could work full time at the hospital still.  Very thankful that I have photography so I can still add to our income, but make my own hours!

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer

This little guy was a teeny little thing, especial compared to a lot of the chubby babies I have had in here recently! Although he may be tiny, I can still get good back rolls out of him!  It’s all in the pose…all in the pose. lol.

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 1bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 2

Look at those little pockets!  Seriously I have always loved that little outfit. It’s so cute.

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 3

His pose in this white wrap was just beyond perfection.  It turned out better than I had hoped.  I love it when something that is in my head, turns out exactly what I wanted in real life.

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 4bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 5bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 6

During the majority of newborn sessions, I like them asleep, BUT it I absolutely adore it when they wake up for a few min and give me these!  Parents always love a good eye opened shot, but it’s even better when you can give them a little collage of their many sweet faces!

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 7bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 8

How can you not love a face like that?

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 9

The fox hat is one of my most requested hats.  It is pretty cute if I do say so myself.  (I made it…lol) But in all seriousness, knitting is hard!

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 10bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 11

I love adding little loveys into their session.  Especially if it comes with a matching hat!

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 12

So for this shot, I had taken him out of the bucket and laid him on my lap.  This is how he laid there.  Yeah, I took a photo of him when he was laying on my lap.  Do you know how hard that is? Very, because my lap isn’t that far from my face! I had to put the camera above my head and pray for a good shot.  I think my prayers worked, because this one turned out just as I had hoped!  He looked so sweet, I hated to bother him!

bucyrus ohio newborn photographer 13

And last but not least, some of my favorite shots I do in a newborn session.  Macro shots! Hope you enjoyed the session!

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So I’ve been randomly sharing sessions from the last year.  This session just so happens to be clear back from January! I almost feel a little silly sharing something from almost 9 months ago, lol, but what the heck.  This little guy was so sweet! Hard to believe he is going to be one soon! Definitely enjoyed getting to know his mom and dad as well as get lots of great snuggles in with him!

Central Ohio Newborn PhotographerCentral Ohio Newborn Photographer 2Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 3

I love when I get such big smiles when they are in mom or dads arms.  He smiled with both of them.  He knew he was being held and loved it!

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 4

Mom and dad brought the little bear hat.  It’s so adorable!

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 5

He gave us some good back rolls too.  How could you not love those little squishy rolls?! That in the little feet are some of my favorite macro shots to get on the little people.

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 6

I also love a good fun pose, but there is nothing like the pure, sweet simplicity of simply the baby laying there so happy and content.   And, I’m also not sure why I love the blanket over the head like that so much, but I do.  Blanket over the head in white makes it even better.  Seems so innocent.

Central-Ohio-Newborn-Photographer (7)Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 8

This blue was a great color for him.  (even if it did make it so we were showing a little blue and yellow..haha)

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 9Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 10

I adore how this turned out.  Mama and daddy both are police officers! Hats off to them for their work in law enforcement.  Never an easy job, especially in this day and age.  I did blur/and remove parts of the badge, for safety sake.  Maybe that is silly, but I just felt I should do that! lol.

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 11

The bear, the one in the back that is..haha, was mama’s when she was a kid.  Love capturing special items in the photo.

Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 12Central Ohio Newborn Photographer 13

He says thanks for stopping by, and book a newborn session..he says..it’s lots of fun! 🙂

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Family is very important to me.  I grew up with my cousins.  I lived about 45 min away from them but we still saw each other often.  So photographing their growing families has been such a blessing to me! This is my cousin Josh, and his beautiful wife Haley and their two sweet babies! Big sister had the absolute best hair when she was born and baby brother has some nice hair as well!  Big sister, Elise had a ton of white blonde hair.  I think she was the first super blonde baby I photographed! It was so pretty! Baby Ross’ is a little darker but still super cute!

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio NewbornNewborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 2

Is this not the most adorable thing ever?  Elise is so funny.  She is an inquisitive, chatty Cathy.  I love listening to her talk! She reminds me of her dad.  I remember her daddy asking a million why questions all the time when we were little.  Funny the things you remember.

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 3

So I had a run of very chubby babies and baby Ross was one of them.  I had like 6-7 in a row that were all over 9lbs!  Big babies!! You know what that means? Lots of cute little chubby back rolls! haha.  You can’t say you don’t want to reach through the screen and just squeeze him!

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 4Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 5

Yeah, pretty sure he was posing for me.  Look at that little smirk he was giving me.  He knew what he was doing.  Little ladies man.

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 6Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 8

The many faces of Ross.  My favorite? Well, I would have to go with the top left.  I love capturing smiles when they are awake.  That’s no gas smile there people!

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 9Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 10

Look at ‘dem cheeks!  I’m talking about the ones on his face. Super pinch-able.  Although i’m sure his tooshy cheeks are pinch-able too.  haha.  I crack myself up.   Easily entertained I guess.

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 11

These are always some of my favorites.  Who doesn’t love those sweet baby fingers, toes,  eyelashes and most of all those sweet little baby lips? If you don’t? Well I just can’t help you then.

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 12

Practicing his “blue steal” face.  He may do it better then Ben Stiller…

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 13

So this little…ahem..big guy, broke his clavicle coming out, because he was so big!  I’ve never had a baby in the studio that had broken his clavicle (which is the collarbone) so I didn’t really know what to expect with this.   I stayed away from a few poses just in case, but he actually did the bucket one with no problems.  I tried keeping his arm down and closer to his body and he popped it up.

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 14

I think this set up was my favorite. He just looked so perfect and sweet.  He was popping out of his outfit though.  I almost had to squeeze him into it like a sausage.  Bursting out the seams.  Cutest little sausage around though.  So sweet!

Newborn boy photo session - Columbus Ohio Newborn 15

I love babies! So bring me your babies to photograph! I promise you won’t be disappointed! We have lots of fun and, most of all, you get beautiful memories to cherish a lifetime! Lots of positives if I do say so myself!

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This session was from a few months ago at this little guys 6 month session!  We will be doing his one year session very soon!  I always find it so hard to believe how fast this goes.  It always seems like yesterday I did their newborn photos, then they are coming to me for their one year!  Why does time have to start flying by so fast the older you are!  I remember when I was a child, summers seemed to last forever, now it is over in the blink of an eye!  I could have used another couple months before we headed back to school!  I kinda like my kids being home, even though most days they drive me bananas.  haha.

Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer

Keegan loved to just stare at me at first.  He was unsure what this lady with the big black camera was doing, even though i’m pretty sure his daddy has a big black camera in his face from time to time at home.   As time went on we definitely got some adorable little smiles from him.  He is a laid back little guy.  So very sweet..but I was expecting nothing less, because his parents are just as sweet!  Seriously, one of the sweetest couples I know! They love their little man so much and it really shows!

Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 1Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 2

I just adore how babies curl their little toes around the bars of this basket.  All of them do it! The blue was a pretty color on him!

Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 3Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 4

One of my favorite things about six month olds?  When they lay on their back and grab their feet!  It is super fun to catch that on camera.  Sometimes, babies don’t do it when you want them to, but I was so glad he did!

Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 5

Look at that cute little whale on his sweater!!  so cute! We got some good smiles above and below here.  I think my favorites where him laying on his back.  He got very giggly laying on his back!

Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 6Marion Ohio Childrens Photographer 7

Such a handsome little guy!? Six month sessions are some of my favorites!  They can’t run away from you, and they are typically give lots of smiles, but even if they don’t, their serious face is usually just as cute!

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