Newborn Photography – Little Air Force baby!

Another great newborn session in the books!! I photographed this sweet baby girl and her family this past Monday but wanted to wait till family saw them first before I shared!  I have been dying to share too!  She was seriously so adorable and the perfect little baby.  I photographed her big sister when she was a newborn and was so happy to see her again and meet her baby sister!!  She was a little shy at first but we got some great smiles out of her!  She’s going to be a great big sister!

Mansfield, Ohio newborn, with big sister

Are they seriously not the cutest!!? Baby Kamryn holding her hands and her sweet little smile. The top picture just melts me!! They both have the same little smile!

Mansfield, Ohio newborn photographer, newborn baby girl with eyes open

Kamryn is a super observant baby.  She was only six days old here and she had some of the best eye-contact i’ve seen…and she would give little smiles too.  Very uncommon for newborns this early to smile for real.  My two youngest both smiled before 2 weeks and i’ve only had one other baby that smiled at about 1 week as I was talking to her and she was wide awake.  Kamryn is the same way.  Seriously..look at those eyes! I love to get awake shots if baby is happy and content.  She is just beautiful!

Mansfield Ohio newborn photographer

Kamryn’s mommy and daddy is in the air force.  I live right next to the Mansfield Air Force base so I get several people from the base in for pictures.  So I obviously have to stock up on air force stuff.  Kamryn’s sister, Karter wore a little hat that I had gotten 2 years ago.  She was the first to wear it.  And miss Kamryn was the first to wear this little outfit from No.2 Willow Lane.  Seemed only fitting she was the first!  I saw it and just had to have it as I knew I would get to use it on her!

Mansfield ohio newborn photography, close up of newborn girl in air force outfitMansfield ohio newborn photography, close up of newborn girl

Seriously this position gives babies the BEST back rolls.  I <3 baby rolls!

Mansfield, Ohio newborn photographer, in pink and purple

I haven’t used this blanket in awhile…and I’m not sure why? The color was so pretty..but maybe it was just gorgeous because it had a beautiful little baby on it.  It was perfect for her skin tone!

Mansfield Ohio newborn photographer.

I seriously die…bracelets on little baby girls get me every time!!

Newborn baby girl, Mansfield ohio newborn photographer

Do you know how hard it is to get a baby in this prop?! lol.  It’s not easy..but I love it.  Mom and I went for some spring looks, because well…we are so over winter.  I’m thinking about moving to Alaska..I’ve heard its warmer there.

Custom Newborn and Children photographer in Galion, OhioMansfield, Ohio Newborn photographer, curled up in purple fluff

Well she looks gorgeous just about in any color I think…because I love her in purple!! And I just love this fluff!! I may be addicted to using it! lol.

Mansfield, Ohio newborn photographer, newborn girl  on swing

Again…more spring colors and flowers!! Winter be gone!! I just love how this one turned out though.  Glad we ended up going for this shot.  This was the last one we did.  And as always this is a composite shot.  Safety is important when working with these sweet little people!  Well that is it of the sneak.  I just adored this session and cant’ wait for the next sweet little baby I get to see!!

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