Online photography class

Online photography class for moms and dads!! Keep reading for more details!!

Online photography class

Kids have a way of changing you…It’s crazy how a person so teeny can change the course of your life in ways that you could never have imagined!

I have felt that my kids have helped me awaken something deep inside my soul that I never even knew I had!  After having my first child, I wanted to capture EVERYTHING about her.  They are only little once, and I probably took a billion photos of her.  Unfortunately, they weren’t very good, well nothing like they are now.  They were average point and shoot photos.  I decided I loved photographing her, but I really didn’t know what I was doing.  My sister had a DSLR, and I was curious about it.  When she decided that she was going to sell it, I jumped at the chance to have a “better” camera.

But just having a better camera didn’t produce the quality that I wanted.  I thought just by having a big fancy camera, it was going to take better photos for me.  Once I realized that I still wasn’t getting the photos I wanted, I started doing some reading…or rather A LOT of reading.

My family has told me more than once that I’m a passionate person.  If it matters to me at all, I tend to take things a little overboard.  Photography was one of those things.  I read and practiced and then read and practiced some more.  I pretty much lived and breathed it.  Almost seven years later, here I am.  See how children have a way of changing you?

Maybe you are in the same boat as me when I first picked up my camera. You want to capture your children’s want to tell your family’s story through photos, but you aren’t quite exactly sure how to do that.

 I would love to help you figure all that out!  Go HERE to check out my online photography class, Click it!  Start taking real photos of your kids…Learn how to use that camera, work at your own pace, ask questions and get feedback! Go on! Check it out! I would love to see the world through your eyes and help you in your photography journey!