Six month old photo session – Sweet smiley Huxley!

Huxley has to be one of the sweetest happiest six month olds there is!  I had such a fun time photographing him.  He gave me lots of great smiles and was just so easy to photograph.  He’s definitely a little star in front of the camera.

We captured some quick family photos first, then moved on to getting some of him by himself!


Six month old photo sessionSix month old photo session with family

Ok, so I love it when kids do this!  Look at this face in the first photo, then the second.  “mom, dad, pleaaaassseee! Stop with the kisses!”  Makes me laugh every single time.

Six month old photo session 1

But as you can see, he got back to his sweet smiley self pretty quickly!

Six month old photo session 2

Buffalo plaid..always a fabulous outfit to a woodsy set up! He rocked it pretty well too!

Six month old photo session 3

I really don’t think I got one photo without a happy face on this child.  Love how his little toes are peeking out from under his jeans!

Six month old photo session in front of blue brick wallSix month old photo session 4Six month old photo session 6

The sweet and simple shots are always some of my favorite.  Why the ones with him holding the blanket were some of my favorite, I don’t know.  Something so cute about it I suppose.

Six month old photo session 7Six month old photo session 8

Yes these photos were taken around Christmas time, and yes I know i’m behind at sharing.  Better late than never right?  Besides, everyone can use a little Huxley in their life.  His smile will make your day better. Promise!

Love photographing six month olds, or any child for that matter.  They always keep me hopping and I really do enjoy working with them! Honestly I think i’m more comfortable working with kids than adults.  Maybe because i’m just a kid at heart.  🙂  If you are looking to do some portraits of your children, send me a message and lets chat! I’d love to discuss your thoughts and customize a session just for you!

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