Sweet Newborn baby boy : perfect little sleepy poser!

This sweet newborn baby boy was just perfect for me!  His session went fantastic and I was able to even try a couple new things out that I wanted to do.  I have known this amazingly sweet family for about 2.5 years now.  I first met them when I photographed their two oldest a little before Christmas time.   I was so excited when they contacted me to photograph their newest addition a few months back.

We got started right away with photographing…but he decided he needed to have a little to eat first.  So after he ate, he gave us some great open eye shots with this family..happy and content.  I think he even posed for me on a couple occasions.  He was all about looking good for his first big photo session you know.


I’ve always loved how this family interacts with each other so naturally in front of the camera.   I’m sure they don’t’ feel like they do sometimes, but they’ve got it for sure.  (Parker’s face in the bottom left, makes me giggle!! I HAD to keep it!)

Not too many people feel super awesome in front of a camera and I know it’s a struggle.  I’m always glad when a mom and dad decide that it’s good to get in the images with their children.  It’s especially hard for mom’s sometimes, because they just don’t feel up to it.  They just had a baby, and they just feel out of sorts…but there is nothing more special about capturing that new baby with their glowing mama smiling down at them.

I promise you.  Your children will thank you for it.  They will only see their beautiful mommy, so happy, and holding them tight.  Nothing more. Nothing less!  Sorry got a little mommy mushy on you 🙂


Nice thing about working with older siblings is that you can get some wonderful shots of all of them together!  I love these of the siblings together!  Cherished memories for sure!


Oh he pulled this off perfectly for me!  And the outfit..well it just makes it here.  Love stuff from No.2 willow Lane! 


Loved this angle as well. Oh I just wanna squeeze him!


He gave me a few smiles here and there and I was thankfully able to catch a couple!  I have gotten pretty good at knowing when they are going to do it, making it easier to catch them.  Some babies smile out of the blue, but most you can tell when they are going to do it.  (although I swear babies like to do it, just as I put my camera down..lol)


ahhh look at those pouty lips!! He kept giving me kissy lips.  🙂

galion-ohio-newborn photographernewborn-photography-froggy-pose

See Kissy lips..while he is in the froggy pose.  Perfect 🙂

Sweet newborn baby boy

I think this was my very favorite set up.  I had to share these in black and white even though the fluff he was in was an absolutely beautiful blue fluff! 

I love black and white.  It is just so timeless…and some images just call to be put in black and white and these are definitely some of them!


Most babies are not great at being awake and posing like this..but I have had a handful of babies that have rocked it..probably because they were sleepy, calm, warm and happy.  He eventually just fell asleep like that.  lol.


…and he proceed to give me another cute little smile 🙂


Oh this little guy..I could have photographed him all day…or even just snuggled.  🙂

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